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Individual Family sessions with client and family members, primary supports and children will be scheduled as needed in accordance with the family’s schedule. Each client will be provided with a copy at their individual treatment planning session.


Menu of Services may include:

  • Cognitive Behavior Short Term Family Counseling Services

  • Family Support Group Counseling

  • Fatherhood training & support

  • Parenting classes, Single parenting

  • Children services & appropriate referrals

  • Grief & Loss, Divorce,

  • Gender Specific Trauma, Family Violence, Shame, Boundary Setting

  • Partners in Recovery, Parenting teens,  Healthy Relationships,

  • Family Intervention Sessions

Individual and family sessions will be conducted upon client’s needs. The provider will meet with the client at the service provider’s location preferably with the entire family or at a minimum the primary support members, spouse, children and/or significant other outlining to the family what to expect, highlighting the client’s areas of concerns, accountability and responsibility to build strong family supports . Based upon each individual needs some client’s may require additional family sessions in short term solution focused counseling to support resolution of ongoing family issues.  Clients will be expected to attend all sessions as outlined above.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Paulette Walker at 701 -306-6894

We look forward to working with you!



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