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Guiding you into your destiny
and finding your purpose 

Paulette W.

At Destiny and Purpose Counseling we value the God-given dignity and potential of each individual.

   When working with individuals, couples, and families we are sensitive to and respect the spiritual dimension of each person in the healing process.

   We value the sound mental health and total well being, excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, loyalty, and gratitude and these values guide the way we approach counseling with our clients.

   While there is much stress and turmoil in our world today, there is help in obtaining peace and wellness .

  We offer hope and evidence based best practices in providing mental health services for depression, anxiety ptsd, grief and other mental health concerns. In a relaxed confidential comfortable atmosphere we come alongside those seeking peace in today’s troubled world while helping to remove the stigma attached to having and receiving mental health services.


  • Family Support Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Grief, Loss, Divorce and Trama

  • Fatherhood Training and Support

  • Partners in Recovery

  • Youth Relaxation Skills Group

  • Diversity & Team Building Workshops

  • Materials

  • Forms

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